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Pyramids services

Pyramids provides its services in coating and shaping metals and producing a high-quality product. Its products are divided into three types

Sandwich panels - galvanized steel sheets - pre-painted galvanised iron​

A final product of high accuracy and reliability

Years of experience in the field

The best competitive prices in the market

sandwich Panels

Galvanized and colored sheet metal

pre-painted galvanised iron

The sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel product: It is used to insulate roofs, cold rooms, caravans, and other special uses. It consists of two layers of colored galvanized sheet metal (a layer of high zinc) to reduce erosion factors and increase the shelf life of the sheet, and between the two layers of sheet is an insulating material, foam (polyurethane). ), 100% insulating material, characterized by superior quality, light weight and environmentally friendly.

Galvanized and colored sheet sheets

The product of galvanized and colored sheet metal is characterized by the availability of different colors and dimensions, according to the request of customers and according to their daily uses in shaping the sheet.

Colored sheet rolls

High speed production line, ultimate accuracy and strong competition because over the past years there has been a big gap in meeting the needs of the local market of colored sheet metal due to the scarcity of its factories and the small number of them in the Middle East because it is a basic product and is considered the first raw material in the processes of shaping sheet metal.